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Tactical Tennis
Match Momentum  

by Henry So
Your Guide to Understanding & Controlling ‘Match Momentum’ in Tennis 
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‘Match momentum’ is an intangible force that exist in all tennis matches. It can be felt by players when they are winning or losing during a one sided match. It is definitely more apparent when a player is losing and turns the match around. But nevertheless, all players who have competed will have experienced it in some way or another. Many professional players and coaches will all agree ‘match momentum’ is a crucial force that cannot be ignored. Therefore in order to reach higher levels of play, it is vital for each player to understand and be able to control ‘match momentum’.

Being able to relate to how the players feel is the start of understanding the effects of ‘match momentum’. Unfortunately many players do not accept that ‘match momentum’ exists and do not wish to understand it. This is one factor which stops players from becoming more ‘competitive’, and becoming a high level tennis player.


This book aims to go beyond the technical and tactical aspects of the game, and goes into detail one of the important forces that exist in the game. By reading this book does not only result in deeper understanding on ‘match momentum’, but also increases the players chances of getting more wins over the long term as well. 

This book is a collection of 20+ years of international experience. This book took a long time to plan and structure. We wanted to present the information in such a way that it is easy for all to understand and implement. We wanted the content to be simple, direct, yet interesting for all readers.

We hope you enjoy this book, ‘Tactical Tennis - Your Guide to understanding and controlling match momentum in tennis.”

SAMPLE: Tactical Tennis - Match Momentum Book by Henry So 

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