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Advanced Tennis Performance is excited to announce 2015 Xmas Fun Day.

Event will be on MONDAY 21st DECEMBER 2015, from 9-11am.

*** All children will receive Gifts, Prizes, Certificates of participation, and Certificate of Achievements.



9-11am   Tennis event, Games, Competition, and Presentation



- Deadline for entries are 10th December 2015. We will provide confirmation once entry is received.

- All students must enrol online and make transfer payment to Advanced Tennis Performance account HSBC 118-532126-833, then MUST provide receipt to 61357606 through whatsapp or through email to

- All students must be under 10 years of age. 

- Minimum 3 entries for class to hold.

- Junior rackets are avaliable for purchase for $450 each.

- No cancellations or refunds once enrolled, except in the case of wet weather and not enough numbers.

- No discounts or price adjustments.

- Incase of wet weather, please contact us ONE HOUR BEFORE CLASS on 61357606 whether if the class is on.

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