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Classes for Beginners




Advanced Tennis Performance is excited to announce the newest CLASSES FOR BEGINNERS (ADULT/KIDS) to welcome 2016!

Classes will be held at various days, times, and locations.

Classes can even be CUSTOM made upon sufficient numbers (* Please enquire) 



Classes/Sessions are 2 hours.

Coaching rate is $150 per hour per head. ($300 for 2 hours)

No cancellations or refunds once enrolled, must enrol for all sessions of the same day, time, and location of the month



- Class will be focusing on ball feeding and drilling ensuring maximum balls hit.

- We will be focusing on basic technique in order to help beginners pick up the game easily and will quickly get consistent and accurate.

- Students will be grouped into small classes and will enjoy the social atmosphere. 



- Deadline for entries are 15 days prior to the class date. We will provide confirmation once entry is received.

- All students must enrol online below and whatsapp 61357606 for payment details, then MUST provide receipt to 61357606 through whatsapp.

- Minimum 3 entries for class to hold. Private lesson rates apply for numbers less than 3, depending on the coach.

- No cancellations or refunds once enrolled, except in the case of wet weather and not enough numbers.

- Incase of wet weather, please contact us ONE HOUR BEFORE CLASS on 61357606 whether if the class is on.

- Racket rentals are $50 each time.

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