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Doubles is a game of tactics. Two strong singles players playing together does not necessarily mean they are a good doubles team. This is because playing doubles requires a different set of tactics to that of playing singles.

The ideas covered in this book represent the knowledge from more than 20 years of international competitive and coaching experience. Doubles players of all levels of play will benefit from the tactics and strategies provided in this book. 

Coach Henry covers a variety of different tactics that are commonly used by successful doubles teams, including:

  • Tactics of different doubles situations.

  • Tactics of different doubles positions.

  • Tactics of Poaching.

  • Tactics of using Signals.

  • Tactics of court positioning……and more.

In the generation of smartphones and tablets, we took advantage of this technology and so a book with QR codes was written. All tennis lovers can access the video demonstrations anytime and anywhere, whether they are on court or off court, in the convenience of their devices.



Tactical Doubles Book

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