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Singles consists of two players only and is a very interesting game. This is because there are many ways to play. There are many styles of players. Each player is on their own. Each player is responsible for their decisions, actions, and the consequences. 


In professional tennis, singles has transformed into a very fast paced game, dominated by big serves and powerful forehands. More players now are using double handed backhands in order to generate more power and to have more offensive potential. This power has made players approach the net less frequently. It is rare to see a net rusher nowadays.

It is also important to recognize that developments in racket technologies and the training of stronger players have contributed to the increases in power of the modern singles game.

The ideas covered in this book represent the knowledge from more than 20 years of international competitive and coaching experience. Singles players of all levels of play will benefit from the tactics and strategies provided in this book. 

Coach Henry covers a variety of different tactics that are commonly used by singles players, including:

  • The Basic Singles Tactics

  • The Basic Game Contrasts

  • The Basic Shot Priorities

  • The Advanced Singles Tactics

  • The Defining of the Singles Court Regions

  • The Importance of Court Positioning

  • The Game Situations

  • The Styles of Players



Tactical Singles book

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