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  • Rankings are an indication of how one is progressing in comparision to all other participants. 

  • Rankings are obtained by points accumulated from results in tournaments played.

  • Points are determined using the following:

    • Winner of the tournament will receive points = [TOTAL ENTRIES] * [10]

    • Each subsequent round will be half the points. E.g. [Runner up] = [Winner points]/2

    • In the case where two players are tied, in the round robin stages, difference in games will determine the position of the players (except in knock out stages where players will get same points).

  • Points will increase as the size of the tournament gets increases.

  • Each tournament challenge will have individual points which will automatically accumulate to each players ranking.

  • Rankings will also help determine players divisions, seedings, qualifying criterias, and other information for future tournaments.

  • Top 16 ranked players in each division will qualify for ATP Masters event at the end of the year.

  • NOTE: Players that do not participate for 3 times in a row will be removed from the rankings list. (Effective from 9/2015)



Here is the updated rankings...




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