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Advanced Tennis Performance is excited to host the ROCKTAPE X ATPCA Event. Event is TOTALLY ON-COURT!!!

We aim to help educate players on the benefits of ROCKTAPE kinesotaping, and along with modern coaching methodology help players play the game more comfortably and perform with motions with more comfort.


Event is held on TO BE ADVISED

Event is held at Wah Yan College Kowloon.

Entry is at 56 Waterloo Road, Kowloon.


Session 1: 9-10am 

Session 2: 10-11am (Please arrive early, taping begins at 8:45am) 


Cost: $200 per head per session (includes one FREE roll of ROCKTAPE - WORTH $158 VALUE!!!)

Maximum capacity: 20 people (SIGN UP AND RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW!!!)



  • Brief introduction to benefits of ROCKTAPE kinesio taping and ATPCA Coaching methodology.

  • ROCKTAPE representative will apply taping to all players prior to getting on-court before play.

  • Players will go on court and play while receiving coaching tips on how to play with more efficiently.

  • Players will continue to play and experience the difference of ROCKTAPE taping and ATPCA coaching methodology.



- Deadline for entries are 1st September 2014. We will provide confirmation once entry is received.

- All students must enrol online using the form below and make transfer payment to Advanced Tennis Performance account HSBC 411-760028-838, then MUST provide receipt to 61357606 through whatsapp or through email to

- Minimum 3 entries for class to hold.

- NO CANCELLATIONS or REFUNDS once enrolled, except in the case of wet weather and not enough numbers.

- Incase of wet weather, please contact us ONE HOUR BEFORE EVENT on 61357606 whether if the event is on.

- Parking is available.

- Changing rooms and showers are avaliable and please kindly bring own towels.

- Drink vending machines are avaliable using Octopus cards.

- ATP Ltd reserves the right to adjust class sizes, timings, and conditions. In case of disputes, decision by ATP Ltd is final.

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