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Strength & Conditioning for Tennis

Basic warm up for tennis:


Traditionally, static stretching has been the favourite way to warm up the body in preparation for tennis. But nowadays static stretching is now used at the end of a training session as it helps the cooling down of the body and helps flexibility. In the modern era of tennis, dynamic stretching now is the preferred way to warm up the body at the beginning of each training session. It is important for trainers to understand the purpose behind a proper warm up.


The purpose of warm up is to raise the body’s muscles core temperature, and prepares the body to move in a sport specific way. Warm ups of different sports will have slightly differences in the movements as each sport has its unique set of movements. Lastly, a good warm up will can help the athlete prepare mentally for the challenge ahead.


Therefore undergoing through a proper warm up the correct way, it has the following benefits:

1. Increasing body temperature allowing muscles to work more efficiently.

2. Actively stretches our muscles and prepares them for the forces that are experienced during the game of tennis.

3. Increased the range of motion of the joints of the body.


This can help increase the flexibility around the joints and over time, can lead to decreased injuries. 4. Establishing proper movement patterns and the coordination needed in tennis. Wakes up the nervous system and activates the muscles of the body

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