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TopspinPro - The BEST way to learn Topspin!!!

Get your OWN device now!!!


The TopspinPro device is a revolutionary product that will help ALL levels of tennis players improve and understand more about their topspin swing. Along with proper coaching, players, athletes, and professionals, can also target specific technical areas with the help of this device!

Place you order below!!! No limit per person!!!


Price: HKD $ 1400



- All orders must be placed ONLINE FORM BELOW and please kindly whatsapp 61357606 for payment method and provide receipt to 61357606.

- Deadline for orders is last day of each month.
- NO CANCELLATIONS or REFUNDS upon placing order.

- All orders will be delivered to Hyatt Regency Shatin, where orders will be picked up.

Date of arrival will be announced through whatsapp.

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